Hand Rug Wash

Establishment and laundry at 157 Princes High Way, Arncliffe, NSW 2205, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Hand Rug Wash: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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Establishment   Laundry  

157 Princes High Way
NSW 2205
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+61 2 8094 9646


Opening hours

Sunday 10:00am — 05:00pm
Monday 06:30am — 05:30pm
Tuesday 06:30am — 05:30pm
Wednesday 06:30am — 05:30pm
Thursday 06:30am — 05:30pm
Friday 06:30am — 05:30pm
Saturday 06:30am — 05:30pm


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Reviews of Hand Rug Wash

    Jack Dawson Added April 25, 2020
    Last week I visited this company. I have one year old carpet. I thought that no one can clean as like new this carpet. But Hand Rug Wash has proved that they can do it. They are very good service provider and cleaned my carpet as like new. Thank you so much
    Amy L Added April 20, 2020
    My rug went missing and I am yet to receive any compensation for my loss. I was told by Raphael that the company database showed my rug had been delivered back to my home. This is absolute rubbish. I never received the rug! So unprofessional and unethical. I can't believe it! I obviously do not recommend using this company.
    Stephen Lowe Added April 15, 2020
    Raphael is a very pleasant and communicative person to do business with. He has provided an excellent & fast service in overlocking seven pieces of carpet remnants for my wife. Not only his work is of high quality, he has also given us a fair and competitive price for the service. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who needs carpet or mat overlooking.
    Amir Reza Added April 13, 2020
    I was specifically impressed with their on-time delivery. I must admit that I had requested far too many changes in timings but then Hand Rug Wash was professional enough to come up with exactly what I was looking for.Their carpet restoration service was awesome. Strongly recommended !!…
    jude Tynan Added April 05, 2020
    I recently used this service and was very impressed. I found the customer service excellent - Raphael was very prompt , extremely efficient and pleasant to deal with. The quality of the work which was both cleaning and repair was to a very high standard. I would definitely recommend this service. Thanks !
    Hadyn Stephens Added November 09, 2017
    It took me a while to contact them to find out about our rug but once we got it back we are very happy with the service.

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Hand Rug Wash

The phone number for Hand Rug Wash is +61 2 8094 9646.

2. Where is Hand Rug Wash located?

Hand Rug Wash is located at 157 Princes High Way Arncliffe, NSW 2205.

3. Is there a primary contact for Hand Rug Wash

You can contact Hand Rug Wash by phone using number +61 2 8094 9646.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Hand Rug Wash

The website for Hand Rug Wash is handrugwash.com.au.

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